MIERKAT is a brand founded in Sweden for 10 years ago as a simple idea to design and create clothes for a modern businesswoman. The inspiration for the brand’s name stems from one of my early memories. Once I saw a documentary about mierkats and these small creatures inhabiting all parts of the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa have completely fascinated me with their social life and the tasks they perform to benefit their groups: the baby-sitters stay close to the burrow with the young, the sentries keep watch for predators, the teachers teach the young to hunt, the hunters dig for food and share it with the young. And they reminded me us, modern women, who are actually some kind of “all in one”, juggling our roles as spouse, parent, worker and general housekeeper. So later, thinking about a brand name for my clothes, I thought that MIERKAT would be the most proper one. However the brand’s portfolio has grown over the years and what once started from fashion has moved on to handcrafted leather products including Clothing, Bags, Accessories, Jewellery, Gifts, Pet Supplies, Home Interior and Leather SPA.

Mierkat's Philosophy

Harmonious high quality clothing and leather products for those looking for something unique and sophisticated

Mierkat’s goal is not quantity, but excellent quality – all garments and handcrafted leather products are created with inspiration and manufactured with care about you and about what you wear and how you look.

Mierkat's Style

Elegant Simplicity

Puzzling over design I always try to find balance between fashion and tradition, between working and relaxing and to combine classic elegance with the contemporary needs of the modern businesswoman and businessman, in other words create products that function from day to evening, that live up to the highest expectations as regards cuts, details and quality and at the same time look easy and natural, in other words products with a feel-good element built in.

Mierkat’s Design Concept

Designing Own Style

Mierkat designs and creates very individual and exclusive collections consisting of unique one-of-a-kind pieces that enhance your personality. They never repeat each other which make you to be like no other and give you the feeling of being Nr 1.



Handcrafted – designed for life and made to last

Creating wonderful bespoke products is such an enjoyable, exciting and satisfying thing to do – it’s not work, it’s pleasure!

Making the finest leather items is a very complicated process – everything counts here: selection of materials, design process, cutting, sewing and great amount of time taken to create a perfect handcrafted item. Handcrafted products are hours of experimentation and errors, years of frustration and moments of joy. A label is always for marketing, but when you pick up a handcrafted belt, wallet, handbag or accessory, you can instantly feel what makes it different from anything else. Each handmade product is made with love, passion and care and as unique as each person, it has “a spirit” and “a soul” – something that mainstream production cannot replicate. And of course there is nothing like the smell, look and feel of genuine leather – it always gives an aura of luxury and prestige.


Passionate about fashion I was once stuck by women’s unsatisfying relationships with their bags. Just mention a woman’s bag to her and she will very likely say: I like it, but… I want you to say: “I just love this bag”. I always keep listening to what you want – in leather, in colour, in style, in function, in details. The luxury of designing a bespoke product according to your wishes is unlike any other and I believe you deserve “red carpet treatment”. You and I work together to craft a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of work that only you in the whole world will own and which will meet your desires: everything from “the right size” to “the right stuff” inside – you are with me from day 1 and you are involved in the process as much as I am. I can promise you two things: 1. We shall never design an ugly bag! 2. Your friends will be envious! And, when the finished product will become part of your everyday life, your daily companion – this relationship will be much more than special, it can even become a heirloom.

And you might think that guys are all about function, but in my experience it is not so – the right style is also important as well as perfect quality. Investing in handmade leather goods is always a wise decision for every guy – they’ll look better with age, last for decades and simply make you look like a guy.


If you want to get really fashionable for the sake of it, then a leather accessory will bring together any look! Leather accessory changes through its use and over the time becoming more “personal”, and these changes prove the naturalness of the material.


Some people like to make different fashion statements than others. These people usually love leather jewellery – it always looks great.


There are many wonderful kinds of handmade leather goods that you can give as a gift to your loved ones. Simply take into account their tastes, and give them a well-made crafted item that will last for many years.

Pet Supplies

Did you know that pets love leather too? And not just for chewing on! Pet collars and leashes can be also made out of leather – they are very sturdy while still being comfortable.

Home Interior

Leather has made its way not only into fashion but also into home decor furnishings. And the best thing about real leather interior decor is that it will get better with age and will look even better 20 years after the day you bought it – it’s a great investment!

Leather SPA

Leather has its own life. As a material, leather is durable, but it can be damaged. Luckily most damage can be repaired. 

I have an appreciation for vintage. Vintage items show that a lot of thought, care and time were put into this special item. I believe if we use what we already have we would not need to manufacture many of the items continually produced. Just going out and buying something new doesn’t have much point – no memories come with the new. However we are constantly searching for the most precious treasures that keep fading or were lost in the past-memories. Vintage items help us to bring those memories back to life.

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